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Queer film Reviews by Sarita Ramirez

Sarita’s Coming-of-Age Films

May 24, 2013

When I look down at the list, it grows in my mind every hour and unfortunately, I can't think of all of the films that have impacted me at the top of my head--- but I always feel like there's more that I'm not mentioning (or maybe I've just seen all of these so many times, I've lost count)

IF you have a film in mind that you "think" should be on here, send a quick email to MoviesalaQueer@Gmail.com or send a Tweet/DM to @Moviesalaqueer :) - Sarita


"Never Been Kissed"

"She's All That"

"Scream" (Franchise)

"American Pie" (Franchise)

"Drive Me Crazy"

"Miss Congeniality"

"Romeo & Juliet) (1968)


"50 First Dates"

"Mean Girls"

"Ever After"


"Batman Returns" (1992)

"Princess Diaries" (I & II)

"The Wedding Singer"

"Big Daddy"

"Blue Streak"

"10 Things I Hate About You"

"Not Another Teen Movie"

"Breakfast Club"


"Interview with the Vampire"

"Romeo & Juliet" (1996)

"Center Stage"

"Pulp Fiction"

"Cruel Intentions"

"Little Women"

"Bring it On"